Podstakanikas, stiklinių laikikls antikvarinis FABRYKA WOLSKA POD WARSZAWA (Podstakannik, Tea glass holder). Lenkija Rusijos imperijoje 1885-1914 m. Kaina 78

The mark Wola factory which probably refers to galvanic silver deposition. Consists of the Polish inscription "FABR. WOLSKA POD WARSZAWA", which means "FACTORY IN WARSAW SUBURB WOLA" (the word FACTORY is shortened). This inscription forms an oval of 6.2 mm x 8.7 mm in size. Above the oval a five-petal crown is placed. 

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Podstakanikas, stiklinių laikikls antikvarinis FABRYKA WOLSKA POD WARSZAWA (Podstakannik, Tea glass holder). Lenkija Rusijos imperijoje 1885-1914 m. Kaina 78

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